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[New VP10 Alert] Evil Dead (HorsePin 2018)

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In the B2S settings in table folder add an entry. Like this but adjust to yours. Push 'S' on the backglass whilst its running it may save it there.

    <Animations />



Why is it always bright?, it should be dark with lamps. Needs making good really but just to show.



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Oh boy. Just turned off the light, playing with the new db2s and 2x dmd. Pure fun ... 

Now you should consider doing a 1.1 with all the updates as a single download to rule them all.  I recommend everyone to jump on the ship and install the new p-roc and of course this table !! If anyone comes along and wonder where to put the dmd. This should get you in the ballpark.

dmd_dots_w: 550
dmd_dots_h: 300
dmd_dot_filter: true
dmd_window_border: False
desktop_dmd_scale: 2 <-----
dmd_framerate: 23.98
dmd_flip: 0
screen_position_x: 2016 <-----
screen_position_y: 240 <------
audio_buffer_size: 512

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