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DOF + Zebs Virtual Output Kit w PacLed64 - not seeing some devices

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I have a Zebsboards Virtual Output Kit with included PacLed64 and barebones booster board. I have 8 solenoids wired to my barebones booster, + 1 atwood fan, all controlled by the pacled. I also have 2 contactors wired to the zebsboard 24v pins. 

When I test my devices with Ledblinky, only 5 of the 8 solenoids + fan will fire. 3 of the solenoids (wired to the 1st three pins on the barebones booster) never fire. I have tried regenerating my DOFconfig multiple times without success. Any idea how to troubleshoot? If one of the solenoids wasn't working I would assume it was a wiring issue but with 3 different solenoids not working I'm assuming this is a software/pacled issue.

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