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SAMBuild3.1 beta thread

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I believe the currently supported "sam fastflips" is :

"trn_174h" - Tron LE
"acd_168h" - AC/DC - LE
"mtl_170h" - Metallica LE
"twd_160h" - The Walking Dead LE
"wof_500"  - Wheel of Fortune
"st_161h"  - Star Trek LE
"xmn_151h" - Xmen LE
"fg_1200"  - Family Guy
"potc_600" - Pirates of the Carribean
"im_183ve" - Iron Man Valult Edition
"avr_200"  - Avatar
"avs_170"  - Avengers
"wpt_140a" - World Poker Tour
"tf_180h"  - Transformers LE
"bdk_294"  - Batman Dark Knight
"shr_141"    - Shrek
"bbh_170"    - Big Buck Hunter
"smanve_101"  - Spiderman Vault edition
"nba_802"    - Stern NBA (added in  this latest relase)


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