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What happenned to table zzz?

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First and most important .. Thanks for a fantastic tool that has already delivered many hours enjoyment.

Until rather recently there was a table on the DOF Configtool site that was call zzz.   It was very useful for creating DOF entries for tables that are not in the list.  It also had a detailed candidate configuration although not made public since it was specific to my cabinet.   Is it possible to restore this?

The tables I was using it for are  Central Park and  Nova and was looking to use it again for Galaxy Play (CIC) .

BTW ... The link on the DOF Configtool home page to report bugs is broken.

Yes, in the scheme of things the above is really a minor issue and adding the table entries would also solve the issue.   However, it would be useful to have a "Test" entry that could be used before an entry is provided (e.g. during table development).

Thanks and Happy New Year.


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