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[New VP10 Alert] Road Race (Gottlieb 1969)

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Road Race (Gottlieb 1969)

Road Race VPX'd 1.0

VPX conversion of Road Race table.  Includes DOF

thanks to Dazz, Freneticamnesiac, Grizz, GNance and Zany, Arngrim

others to thank: JPSalas, Pinuck, hauntfreaks, Borgdog


in addition to the "standard" keys (typically "1" to start game and "5" for coin), I've added "3" as another coin input and "4" for coin and auto-start game (like I recall the dime slots generally were) to simulate 3 coin slots

when game is not in progress, holding down left flipper for about 3-5 seconds will bring up the options menu. left flipper selects item, right flipper changes option.


I've also included shadows for the ball and flippers. If you want to turn them off look for these lines at the beginning of the script:

Const ShadowFlippersOn = true
Const ShadowBallOn = true

change to false if you want either of the shadows not showing on your tables

B2S is included in the ZIP - no need to go hunting for it.


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Been waiting for what seems forever for your new VPX tables LM. I'm very impressed what you've managed to make in VP9, so seeing "your" EM' now in VPX is very exciting. Right now I can't wait anymore .. I need to download an play. Thank you so much !!

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