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Help with Colour DMD's - Query

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Hope someone can help, I am usually ok with setting up emulators (MAME, WinUAE, DosBox, etc) and although I have installed Visual Pinball fine with the tables and the ROM displays loading up fine, it is with the colour DMD's I am having a problem with.  I should point out that I don't have a cab, just playing the tables on a normal desktop PC

I am running VPinMAME 2.8 which I believe is the minimum requirement and I can use the colorized DMD's (4 colours) which work fine, it is with the External DMD's I have a problem with.  I will hold up my hands and admit I don't have a freakin' clue!

I never want to get to the point of asking for help and admitting defeat, but I am at that point.  Looked up loads, downloaded files, but not exactly sure what to do!

From what I think....

1.  I have got the altcolour files, which are in my pinmame file.  Each file in the altcolour folders contains a pin2dmd.pal

2. Downloaded The Simpsons Pinball Party Color ROM patch on this site (Vpin TSPP) which holds pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni - I put these in the altcolour folder headed simpprty

3.  Checked Use Extrenal DMD in VPinMAME

Result - nothing!  I used the VPinMAME test for The Simpsons Pinball Party for the ROM set simpprty (same name as altcolour) and passed, but held a PIN2DMD not found error - but still loaded up (but not in colour) I am guessing this is the root of the problem.  A lot of the stuff I have read about PIN2DMD relates to people with their own cabs and maybe it cannot work on emulation using a desktop PC?

I did download some PIN2DMD files from GitHub and the .exe opens up (PIN2DMD v2.50 ColorPRISM) and tried running again, but no joy.  I am at a loss!

From reading info, not sure if I have to patch the original ROM? So I obtained the VPUColourROMPatcher utility, but when I extract any of the zipped ROM files, there is no .bin file there?  So unable to patch anything - plus do I need to do this if there Colour ROM patches already available to download on this site?

I know it's like spoon feeding a baby here!  Tried to be as descriptive as possible and I really hope someone can feed this baby and help out (before the crying starts!) and would be happy to make a donation afterwards - my word is my bond!

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