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First build coming, what to factor in now to add DOF later?

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Kind of an odd question, but I am just getting the displays this week (thanks to some Black Friday savings), and have the whole build in front of me yet.  

Due to financial limits put on me by my accountant (wife), I need to spread out the spending a bit.

So I need to build the cabinet first with the monitors and Pin2DMD, then wait until after Christmas before buying the PC and getting it all set up, and then sometime in spring or early summer, add the DOF toys.  

What should I account for now in the build from an electronics perspective that will be useful when I get to the DOF stage later on?  Basically, I don't want to have to "re-do" or "re-buy" something for DOF because I didn't account for it now.

Looking at the standard bits:

LED matrix instead of the RGB flasher/strobe "bar" above the rear of the playfield

Addressable LED "strips" on the right and left sides of the playfield.

10 contactor setup


Shaker motor

wiper motor

Undercabinet lighting

I'm not looking for a full "how to" as there are threads and discussions about that already out there, but maybe just a quick "account for *this* now" kind of thing.



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