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DOF Tables not on DOF ConfigTool

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Hi,  I've been stuck on something for a while now and seem to be missing a piece of the puzzle. 

There are tables out there that seem to have DOF feedback commands, yet are not defined in the dofconfig tool and don't include a dof mapping .xml file in the table.

e.g. "Cowboy Eight Ball" from vpforums


it has commands like:

Const cGameName="cowboy",cCredits="Cowboy Eight Ball"


Sub S33_Hit:vpmTimer.PulseSw 33:S33.IsDropped=1:S33A.IsDropped=0:S33.TimerEnabled=1:End Sub
Sub S33_Timer:S33A.TimerEnabled=0:S33A.IsDropped=1:S33.IsDropped=0:End Sub


I can get the switches to fire solenoids buy assigning random incorrect table map .xml files, however they are not accurate. 

I'd assume either a mapping from the dofconfig tool or a specific .xml mapping file would be out there, but without either, there is no DOF working on the table.


Is there something I'm missing that is preventing a large number of the VP9 tables to work correctly with DOF which have such commands?


Maybe I'm just missing some history here?


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