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Script issue with Pink Floyd...

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Hello everyone. Absolute newbie to FP AND SCRIPTING. I just downloaded the Pink Floyd version of Earthshaker. It's presented as a 3 ball game but in the script you can change it to 5 balls per game. Well it works but the scoreboard reads Ball 1, Ball 0, Ball 1, Ball 2 and Ball 3. Instead of Ball 1, Ball 2, Ball 3, Ball 4 and Ball 5. ???? AND the DMD that was created extra for this reads the same. Is there something in the script I need to change to get the balls to display correctly? Also, how do you set it to play more than one player? And finally, how do you change the credits from 25 cents per game to 50 cents per game for 5 balls? Please help if someone can and thank you in advance. Brian.

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