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[New VP10 Alert] CSI (Stern 2008)

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CSI (Stern 2008)

Based in CSI Stern 2008


FRANSISCO666 AND ROM: Models 3d and resources redraw

GTXJOE: Animation the Skull

MAKUSTE: For excelent PhysMod

WILDMAN: B2S Backglass


Bodydump: DroppTargets Flippers

Koadic: New Plunger code

Zany: Flasher Domes

Dark : Primitive screws bolts

32Assassin:  VPX 10.4 comvertion 


I apologize if I forget to mention someone


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Thank you so much Javier 15,  FRANSISCO666,  ROM,  GTXJOE, MAKUSTE, WILDMAN, ARNGRIM, Bodydump, Koadic, Zany, Dark and 32Assassin

A real surprise!

The modification I did for myself is to lower the volume of the motor.wav file wilth -20dB because it's really loud at startup and when the skull is moving.

Great game, thanks!

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Having troubles with this table, even with the appropriate rom in the correct place i keep getting an error. i can run the rom through Vpinmame test

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