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current from gio pins on stm32 discovery and digtal pwm

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hi was was looking at a raspberry pi gio pins

with a single led on the gnd and gio + pin

and was thinking we get red leds light up only when we dont use any 5volt

power pack plus the led that flashes when you flash the firmware

also makes the leds on the panels blink slighty dim

wondering i resistors could of been used to take down the red pwm


  • Resistor for Red: (3.3v – 2.0v) / .02A = 65Ω
  • Resistor for Blue: (3.3v – 3.2v) / .02A = 5Ω
  • Resistor for Green: (3.3v – 3.2v) / .02A = 5Ω




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