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Attack from mars colorization

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Wob    2

Thanks, this really looks great, I didn't see any strange colors or crash issues, I really like your colour choices. looking forward to seeing the last few scenes finished,

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@lucky1 thanks for always being so reactive ! :)  @Justanotherat and @Jodannar , I'm happy to report the issue is solved on my side and hopefully this will help you guys too :

- so, now that I was sure to have the very latest version of everything (pinmame.dll, vpx beta, sambuild, pin2DMD firmware & software...) and I tried Lucky1's suggestion (setup tool in vpinmame), I realized that the roms were launching. I didn't have the right colors for all the roms though...  So I did a bit of tinkering and found out that :

- for T2, the files in the vpinmame/altcolor/t2_l8 folder must be renamed pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni  (not pin2dmd_v.vni as I had assumed based on LW3 which worked with this filename)
- same thing for afm_113b, after I ran setup and launched/closed VPinball once with the table, the colors were perfect ! 
- same thing for SF2 but you have to be sure you grabbed the right files (not the ones for real pinballs, they're in the "virtual pinball folder")

A big thank you again to vbobrusev and Malenko and all the passionate guys who do these great colorizations ! 


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23 minutes ago, Thalamus said:

Just tried again - and to me it is still available. The first dialogue box that pops up, I just cancel. Then I get to the download link with a fairly common icon to indicate just that.

my bad. i get a 404 from my tablet, but works fine from windows. thanks!

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