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I knew I did have those ultraDMD tables running WITH a pin2dmd display but suddenly..no more.

After a lot of trying today I found out that when using the LibUSBK for the pin2dmd display the UltraDMD does work but when using the WinUSB driver UltraDMD does not work.


So.... is there any benefit for using WinUSB over LibUSBK? or can I use LibUSB as a standard driver for the pin2dmd? What are the differences?

Further: I can not get the display set to 1 color in UltraDMD. In the script I can say FALSE to color dmd but still, colors (very ugly as well) appear on the pin2dmd. Any thoughts about that?


Tested with

WinUSB v6.1.76.16385

libusbK v3.0.7.0




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I just tested with WinUSB and it worked without a problem. Maybe you did not replace xdmd.dll and xdmdnative.dll with the ones from my github repo.

 I recommend libusb-win32 for backwards compatibility to e.g. FuturePinball intercept DLL (needs libusbk t work) 

and WinUSB if you don´t need backwards compatibility (does´t need libusbk.dll).

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Thank you for your reply and support...


with that, I got it all working now, great, thanks!

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