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Hello folks.

One User asked me today something very nice.
He like to use a PCB where the resistor for the HIGH POWER RGB(W) LEDs are all together, for a cleaner look.

So I designed a 100x100mm PCB with 5x RGBW (20 resistors).

VPIN RGBW resistor SCH.pdf

PCB layout

Now is my Question:
Need anybody else a PCB like that?
When YES, I go and Order the PCBs and sell them for 4 USD + parts + shipping.
The 4 USD are really just the costs for the PCBs on my side.

- Sascha

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I would if it was complete kit. What would really be nice is male/female connectors for the LED's. Female side soldered to the board.

I have some PCBs.
But not assembled.
Interested in some?
Soldering is also possible.

- Saacha

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