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Tables that I would like to play someday on VPX

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This is the list of tables that I would like to play someday on VPX:

Aerosmith (Stern, 2016)
Barracora (Williams, 1981)
Batman 66 (Stern, 2016)
Blackbelt (Zaccaria, 1986)
Clown (Zaccaria, 1983)
Devil Riders (Zaccaria, 1984)
Earth Wind & Fire (Zaccaria, 1981)
Farfalla (Zaccaria, 1983)
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt (Gottlieb, 1995)
Ghostbusters (Stern, 2016)
Moon Flight (Zaccaria, 1976)
Mystic Star (Zaccaria, 1986)
Pinball Champ '82 (Zaccaria, 1982)
Pool Champion (Zaccaria, 1983)
Star Wars Pinball Machine (Stern, 2017)
Star's Phoenix (Zaccaria, 1987)
Theatre of Magic (Williams, 1995)
Time Machine (Zaccaria, 1983)
Viper (Stern, 1981)
Warlok (Williams, 1981)
White Water (Williams, 1995)
World Cup’78 (Williams, 1978)
Zankor (Zaccaria, 1986)

Does anybody have notice if any of them is already in process of recreation?

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