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[New VP10 Alert] Fathom (Bally 1981) LED Mod

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Fathom (Bally 1981) LED Mod

This is basically a mod of my Fathom vintage Mod, anyways all credits go to unclewilly and 32assassin, who made the ancestors of this one.

Inspiration came first by pics from the web of some Fathom LED Pimped table with all those repro plasics, playfields and backglasses, which have a total different touch than the original. Plus I had some more ideas and I thought it's a nice experiment.


- most changes you see anyways
- changed the color scheme completely (blue, white and orange mostly)
- made the bumper cup texture from scratch in PS
- reworked and fine tuned all (mostly GI) lights and objects
- recolored the previous playfield and plastics
- apron modified
- nicely baked in shadows to the playfield and plasics so nobody can use them in the future
- environment map image that I got from Haunt
- added ball and flipper shadows (Ninuzzu ?) inspired by Haunt
- stole acorn nuts primitive from Ganjafarmer's F-14 (we think it's from dark?)
- reworked plunger (rod, blue tip and blue spring)
- blue wood on the right side
- more polished ball image
- and surely a lot of stuff I don't remember now.


- it needed a new (repro like) one, because the look is completely different now
- new image stitched together from nowadays repro translight images from the web
- based on the backglass from teamtecnic (?). The only blink blink left is for the fathom logo (yes, authentic would be static illumination, but this is anyways a new interpretation, so)

Wheel image:

- made from scratch

Clean recources for future use (playfield and plasic decals) are in the image manager (unused).

It was an experiment.

Oh, please use with latest VPX4 beta!



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