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add gnd to pc usb from power pack the bestest solution i come up with

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two + to panel

one gnd to usb pc  cable (gnd only) no green red or white n/a)

one gnd on right only  panel only ;)



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After watching your video I feel the need to give you some feedback, which I hope you don't take too harshly, but i don't know how else to put it. Just my opinion, but I don't think it's a great idea to take a swipe at people for "not ever praising" you in a video where you move the camera around excessively and ramble on at a thousand miles an hour in a generally incoherent manner.

Having read (or more accurately, TRIED to read) many of your posts, I think the reason that nobody is replying or thanking you for your innovations and suggestions is that they have no idea WTF you are on about!!! You use very little grammar, if any, and when posting a new thread you tend to misuse the Subject line which is just confusing. If you have made the subject a bit more meaningful, such as "Simple solution to bleeding colours on RGB panels" and then given a full explanation in your post as to what you did to solve the problem then you'd probably find that a lot more people would not only read your post, but reply to it with some positive feedback!!

Not everyone here (myself included) has an in depth understanding of electronics so although they may take a look at your threads, once again many of us have no idea what you're suggesting.

You definitely have something to contribute, but for your own sake please just take a deep breath and think about the best way to present your contributions here!

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will do oz sorry its my bi polor pal and i am using a mobile to type not a pc

still cant get p4 and p5 to work with the new shield so sash giving me 2x

rev 2.0 b it somehow shorting on  3.2 rev sheild needs to be bench tested to  be ruled out

or my power pack too high at 10 amp needs to be 6amp max

i have a p3 set of panels with rev 2.0b and the same power pack and it

works fine swap the panels over same shield on p4 and p5 it flicking

i tried updating stm fimware i tried extra gnds

btw p2.5 works when you put a gnd on the middle of the panels from the power pack pin 4

as there 3 grounds on the rgb pin 4 8 16 as i have been told by aliexpress suppliers only 1 gnd is needed

so i am sort of stuck between a hard rock and a hard case so ill be

going to a lcd type dmd with pindmd v2 and dr pinball raspberry pi extender

as i am pulling out from the support i had it with pin2dmd 

thanks paul 

least i sorted the duel display cable and got helped uncal sash least he supporting me

cant say much about the other 2 ive got a programmer so i dont need them either and read my profile i am a computer engineer by trade and also in electronics aswell 

next i will try a diffent buck converter as pinball sp uses 12volt in and ill test that

and for the record if i use the gnds on the hub75 eg pin 4 and not the 2 gnd on each panel

the bleeding does go away but they keep changing the capicators layouts eg 10 volt 220 uf on the panels the chinese suppliers from aliexpress which i have pointed out to them myself to investergate they told me to lower to value of the uf of the capictors  to slow drain timing

i am also using 1.37 firmware open source and tested the one with a payed activision key and its not a firmware issue just to let lucky1 know

the last test plug pindmd v2 into the pin2dmd via the 14 lin input and see if i get a better result

by testing 2 mcu side by side may get timing issues but ill soon find out


example image 


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