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this project has been scrapped due to hardware and timing issue the stm32 is too fast for the extender

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i had a idear ages ago before pin2dmd was made to add pindmd and dr pinball extender together making an lcd driven dmd as the pindmd already drives a real dmd display for a real pinball and its quite funny that raspberry pi 1 models has gio pins like stm32 discovery and also pindmd uses the same mcu as pin2dmd i been speaking to the english designer of the hardware dr pinball on clock and sync speeds plus using a signal chip for timing issues also running he barebone code in a linux lite operating system to support usb and ethernet devices connection from the pie to pc eg like open view mèdia does like a sambra type share in windows 

prehape this could make a good project to be added as we dealing with hex data via gio pins and dll files for the hardware




It would be possible, however the DMD Extender supports a few different machines, but it may not support the data and clock signals produced by this board. as spoken by doctor pinball

Do you have a logic trace from it? I have a saleae analyser.

I can understand about the USB to 14 pin adaptor you have. If you buy a DMD Extender I have an application that you can run to extract the data signals so that I can change the software to work with the adaptor. It may already work as I support PROC which may be very similar.

still need some tweaking on dr pinball software side as animations flicker on the left side

i have  tried sync brigthness settings in vpinball mame no such luck atm and alphanumeric dont display 

but its working pretty well for a first test pindmd2 board also powers via pc usb

which its also cool and neat so i  can also change pallets on the sd card via windows

as the editor on there

hardware setup how it connects usb powered extender via pc usb and from pindmd2

Anyway, if you try proc and let me know how it goes. You could try stern as well. Let me know the results and then we can move to using the data capture tool I have.

pindmd v 2 settings refresh rates and brightness
dr pinball extender config file below








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