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Transfer physics from table to another

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So I've just get some recreations of Stern tables on VPX but I like to modify the physics myself  for a better experience sometimes.

I've just noticed that even if I copy/paste the same slope, gravity, playfield friction, flippers, rubber posts elasticity, scripts (ball size, mass) settings and so on..  I'm not able to get the same results from one table to another.

Is there any other setting involved that I'm missing (table size itself for example?)

Kinda weird especially for the overall behavior of the ball.. On some tables It reminds me old VP9 while some others feel really great to play in a more "natural" way. 

Thanks and have good pinball ;)             

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In VPX you can export/import physics from table to table.  From Preferences select Physics Options.  There are 2 boxes, one to Export and the other to Import.  Export from a table that you like and Import into table you want physics changed on.

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