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[New B2S Alert] Diner (Williams 1990) - 2 & 3 screens - db2s

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Diner (Williams 1990) - 2 & 3 screens - db2s

Specifications :

  • Full rebuild from scratch
  • New dark translite image rebuilt from differents pictures (crazy photoshop puzzle :blink:)
  • Resolution 1600 x 1204 @70dpi
  • 2 screens grill full redraw
  • DMD image full redraw for 3 screens
  • Authentic color lamps and flashers
  • Some new lamps IDs, everything switch off when tilt and restaurant lamps switch off during the game over sequence (like the authentic).
  • New spring animation for the characters
  • Each character moves independently of the other
  • The movement of the characters is triggered by the solenoids [ Code by STAT, Thanks for sharing ]
  • The characters are surrounded by plastic (like authentic), [ based on the Pookamoondo .psd file, Thanks for sharing ]
  • Flashing restaurant windows lights behind each character
  • Lamps reflection on the 2scr grill
  • Contains about 80 snippits

Installation :

  1. In Visual Pinball, edit the code of the Flupper's DINER TABLE /!\ version 1.2 /!\ and replace it all by the STAT's code from the file "Diner_STAT.txt", click on compile and save the table.
  2. As usual rename the B2S file exactly like your table name.
  3. EnJoY !


A special thank you to Flupper who shares his magnificent tables (and all the other authors as well ;) ).



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Hope you'll like it ! It was so much work compared to my Black Hole b2s (starting with recreating a high-resolution image of the translite from 8 partial pictures with differents deformation angles :o )

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@Cognis your B2S options are correct ( Grill: Hidden, DMD: Hidden, B2SDMD: Visible ), you should see the B2SDMD on your 3rd monitor.

Is it the fisrt B2S you're trying to setup on 3 screens ?

In this case maybe have a look to ScreenRes Editor : http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=18020

Or SetDMD : https://www.pinballbulbs.com/files/setdmd.html

(I never tested my 3scr version because I have a 2 scr mini-pincab but I think it work)


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No it's not my first as I've used SetDMD successfully for all my other tables. whenecer I have grill enabled and dmd enabled I get the grill and dmd to show up correctly. This might be the first B2S that I selected to display the B2S dmd. I see it showing up on my 2nd monitor (backglass display) and when I Alt-Tab I see it as a formDMD window. If I'm successfully able to have regular DMDs showing on my 3rd monitor why wouldn't a B2S dmd follow suit?

I'm at work at the moment but will review those suggested links first chance I get. Thanks Blacksad & Outhere.

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SetDMD has nothing to do with B2S generated alphanumeric displays. The position of the B2S display is defined by the setting parameters in screenres.txt.


I don't know why they call it B2SDMD. B2S does not generate dot matrix displays. You would only use B2S generated scoring for the older LED alphanumeric displays (basically 80s era tables).

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