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38 minutes ago, malenko said:

those are palette jumps :) Unless lucky colored that scene for me. I'll look into the scoring snafu, should be an easy fix. Using in a real machine. 

I did get your donation Chris, and I appreciate it. Glad you are enjoying the colorization!

The last frame of the scroll needs to get his own keyframe assigned to solve this.

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Took a little break from TMNT to do some updates on this summabeach.  Converted triball to Multiball for video roms 2.08 and up (Always Multiball folder) I also added a more complete video mode. You guys beta testing and telling me where bugs are is a huge help.


The change to multiball is in its own subfolder and will probably become the main fork.....cause Tri-ball is stupid sounding.

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Was excited to try this, but attempted a firmware update at the same time and somehow killed my display. 

It booted, showed Firmware 2.55 and then said Update and went blank. I waited a few minutes and rebooted an nothing came up. Put the SD card back into my laptop and it had a file that said update.ok but after reinserting it still didn't work. 

Thinking I might have used the wrong firmware I tried the V4 version, but nothing. Tried the V3 update again to no avail. 

Checked power to the boards, all the leds light up on the back, but zilch on the display. 

Any ideas @lucky1

I've tried it with and without the miniSD card, hit the reset, menu and option buttons, etc. 




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4 hours ago, lucky1 said:

Load the firmware through USB to recover. Method is described on pin2dmd.com

Thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of this, was a little frustrated last night. Will attempt this weekend after work. 


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