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WPC Standard Body Sketchup

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I'm in the planning phase of my virtual pinball project. I want my vpin to look as close to a WPC game as possible so it does not look out of place next to my other WPC games. So I thought a good starting point would be to make a Sketchup model of a real WPC game to use as a starting point for my build. Then I can adjust the model to fit the screens etc. of the vpin before building it.

To view the model download the Sketchup Viewer. To edit the model download Sketchup Make. Both these tools are free.

The sketchup file is here. You need to unzip it and find the file wpc_cabinet.skp and open it in Sketchup or the viewer.

Here is more information about the model:


Please note that I am not an engineer and a novice at Sketchup so there may be a few mistakes. I have not used these plans to build anything yet so there might be measurements that are not correct. I'm hoping others in the community will find these plans useful and will help in correcting any mistakes in the model. So any feedback is welcome :-).

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Building my Williams wide body cabinet myself. But I skipped the 45 degrees cut on cabinet. Unnecessarily complicated I think.  Using screws with kinda slotted oval head, instead of countersinking and wood filler, looks pretty good I believe. Wide body is exactly the size of my 46 inch TV which I happened to replace with a bigger one lately :) 

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