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Tutorial: How To Select A Different Version Of Vp Or Fp When Launch Tables Via Hyperpin

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3/3/2013 Version 1.0


Thanks to Blur for adding these awesome features to FPlaunch.



1.Download latest FPlaunch (Miniumum requirement FPLaunch1.295wip10.zip )



2. Create a fpexetables.txt for FP and a vpexetables.txt for VP


3. Place these txt files in the Hyperpin/Settings directory


4. Inside each text file pure the following information


FP or VP table name  on the first line

Name of alternate version of VP or FP you want to launch on the second line. Make sure you put .exe after program name.


5. Repeat as many times as you need. DO NOT put a space between lines.


Here is an example of my setup. Table name. Name of alternate FP.exe and then next table.


bubble bobble 1.0


Medieval Castle (Roney Pinball) (1.0) (Easy)




6. Enjoy

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i cant get it to work, im trying to get future pinball to use the  fpPysics.exe but it dont and i have done wot u said.



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