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Would like to commission a custom Virtual Pinball Cabinet for purchase

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this and if it isn't, please forgive me and please direct me to the proper place and I'll post there.

I am wanting to purchase a Virtual Pinball table.  I've looked on eBay and looked at the forum sponsors but nobody includes the tables and I just don't have the time or inclination to load tables myself.

I'm wondering if there is a trustworthy forum member out there that would consider building me a custom Virtual Pinball table.

I'm in Ohio and close to KY and WV and would travel for pickup or shipping would be fine, too.  I have experience shipping large items.

If there is any interest, please post here or feel free to PM me or contact me directly at jevansoh@gmail.com.

If anyone knows where I might find someone to build me a cabinet and include tables, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much,


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They support their customers more then we all like! I had a request from a vpcabs customer that needed help in getting more tables on his Cab... no problem so far, but then I realized that he had absolutely NO clue about how things work in his Cab and a lot of tables came preinstalled that were NOT fx2 or tpa...

now judge yourself if we like to support these companies.

Helping guys getting their cabs to actual state-of-the-art is one thing, supporting especially these 2 companies is a very different!!!

Dom ;)

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