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SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

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It will only potentially cause trouble if using sound mode 1, as everything else is not using BASS.

btw: Please test the 'new' official SAM support (which is also included in the releases here from rev 4398 onwards!) carefully and compare to some of the older builds (like 1 month old or so). Cause i did some cleanups and minor improvements, etc and might have broken something without noticing.


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Thats one thing about the devs I've seen time and time again that I don't see in real life being a computer admin. These devs is in fact humble and honest about that there might be bugs and human errors. Just makes me love you guys even more. I'll peek into it tomorrow. A report from me in a couple of hours from now will not be trustworthy ;)

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19 hours ago, nbcrew said:

yes beta. since 3.0 some guys having sound problems when using pinsound (soundmode 1)

that's actually nothing new.. the current 3.1 beta mainly just fixes a bug that was always there since the first release that supported alternate sound packages like the pinsound ones..

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