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New VPX feature - Surround sound output

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On 4/4/2018 at 4:48 AM, xantari said:

It think I missed something very important here. Surround sound functionality was back ported to VP9?!

Sort of:  We wanted to ensure that people who use the new 7.1 setups are able to configure VP9 appropriately.  In VP9 it was possible to configure the table sounds to a separate card.   If you switch to 7.1 or even 4.0, with the unmodified VP9 you have no way of getting the table sounds in the right place, it only supported two cards.

So we ported the surround sound code and configuration bits, but did not enable the additional fade parameter in the PlaySound command. This allows you to put the playfield sounds in the right place (like a VPX table with no surround code), but the table is not able to control the fade position of sounds.    

 It wouldn't be hard to port the final bits that allow the last fade parameter to work, but we weren't looking to add new features to VP9.     We just want existing tables to play correctly on a modern configuration.  

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..and JSYK: the new release wave also featured updated VP9 and VP9PM5 versions with one more additional fix to support that (done by DJRobX a while ago)..

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