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Pin2DmD Future Pinball Setup

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im not entirely sure, if that's the right place to ask, but im really in need of some advice!


Im trying to setup a Pin2DmD Display for my future pinball table (will later be running in arcade mode on a digital pinball).

The table itself is running perfectly fine already. Even on the actual digital flipper in arcade mode. Only missing thing is the DmD-Display.


It is really hard to find information about the actual setup process for future pinball.

My basic setup for the Pin2DmD seems to work decently. I downloaded the PIN2DmD-master files, setup the drivers and the activation etc.

The controll per pin2dmd.exe is working perfectly fine (can set palette options, change brightness etc)


The missing key is, how to use the FP-Intercept to intercept the draw calls of the DmD-Display object in my future pinball table.

Im not sure if im missing some software setup, like vpinmame or pinballx or if im just placing the files of fp-intercept wrong.

A little guide here, would be very appreciated.


Sorry, if im not getting something basic here, im relatively new to the whole process.

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As far as I remember I only needed to place the DLL in the FP directory. You need to use the libusb drivers with the pin2dmd for the dll to work.
Use Zadig to install the libusb drivers if necessary. 

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