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DMD issue in certain tables.. Please help if you can..

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Hello everyone. I sure do hope someone can help me with this. I finally upgraded to VPX 10 and I am having the worst time with some tables. When I installed Scared Stiff and Monster Bash, the DMD's have table info extensions below them and I cannot get rid of that extra area. I went in to the script and set the value for "Show DMD Only" to "1", saved, reloaded, and the DMD still looks the same. Am I missing something here? How the heck do you completely hide this section of the DMD? I've attached a photo below for visual reference of the DMD with table info. I apologize if this topic has been discussed. I would appreciate any help that someone could send my way. Thanks in advance.


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I would also love some help on this.  Happens on Scared Stiff (my favorite table) and I kept mucking around with it and now the DMD will not even show at all. :(

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