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Any advice on how to convert a pinDMD3 to a pin2dmd?

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15 hours ago, UncleSash said:

[mention=11434]vlgxejme[/mention] OK, to upgrade you System, follow this steps:


  1. 1st step:

    - unplug the 16 pin ribbon cable from the PCB!

  2. 2nd step:

    - connect the ribbon cable to the HUB75 on your V4 Shield!

  3. 3rd step:

    - connect +5V DC to this screw Terminal like it is labeld!

    - in this pic:

    - left (next to the nucleo): GND

    - right (on the outside): +5V DC

  4. 4th step:

    - connect a micro USB cable to this USB port and you PC, to hook up you Pin2DMD.

    - Maybe follow install instruction on the www.Pin2dmd.com side for drive installation!


  5. additional step: for a Firmware update, connect a micro USB cable to this port (I have all the time both ports connected) and your PC.

    Then follow the FW Upgrade instruction on www.pin2dmd.com



for a longer 16 PIn IDC cable, check this ebay link:






WoW... this is an easy setup guide!!! I look forward tonight...


thank’s again

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