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Low cost teensy controller for Addressable Rgb's

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Hi all,

I created a port of the teensy controller with a "wemos D1 mini pro" (5-10$). Because, importing the teensy and the opto in France is very expensive ...

It's just a portage of the teensy code to wemos (with FASTLed library) and a small modification of DOF (3-5 lines). It's working on my pincab with 1 right bar (144 leds) and 1 backboard (4x72 leds). I am wanting for more leds for a full config (L/R 130 leds and backboard 8x72). It's also working for another beta tester (R/L).

Before publshing the code, I search 1-2 beta tester :)

Someone is interesting ?

Wemos rgb controller

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Nice work! One can never, ever, EVER have too many LEDs, PC hardware manufacturers finally figured that one out with actual fully digital RGB output headers and RGB RAM modules C-:

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