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pin2dmd Stern Whitestar T3 required files

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Hi I want to use a pin2dmd display with my Stern T3 real pinball machine. I read some artikels on the forums, but i don't understand fully. The DMD Controller in my machine uses a DMD Rom chip. Do I need the DMD driver board (like the colorDMD display) ? If not how do I get the required files to use the display as a replacement (even if not using colors) ?

This topic is propably discussed but i cannot find it. Excuse my ignorence :)

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You still need your dmd controller. Think of this project as a replacement part to a DMD screen albeit color. All of the programming and stuff disussed in these forums is all about the programming of the display to support color conversion of the 4 color dmd code coming from the controller. 

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