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DOF can now use Letters and Numbers for Addressable LEDS!

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I've edited this first post to be updated with the new development in DOF Config Tool:


For a while I've been wanting to add the use of Letters and Numbers with addressable leds for the Back PF MX. This can be used as a 5 flasher replacement, or to make and use words for certain events, triggers, etc...


My first test of trying this was as a simple 5 flasher replacement with the Walking Dead LE table. You can see a video of that here:




So now that I'm back from course with a bit of free time, I decided to try to make some kind of standard variables to use for this purpose for all tables.


First I had to update and define all the Letters, Numbers, and Special Characters in the DirectOutputShapes.xml (which makes reference to the DirectOutputShapes.PNG file), since they've never been defined. I've attached the updated file. Letters are defined as LetterA, LetterB, etc.  Numbers are Number0, Number1, etc.


As far as the directoutputconfig30.ini file is concerned, it will see these "shapes" as SHPLetterA, SHPNumber1, etc.  We can just use that if we want, but I wanted specific variables that can be used for letters and numbers that are easy to use and visibly see.


So I defined the letters and numbers as their own variable in directoutputconfig30.ini, and I also defined my own variables for 5 Flashers with their own size. This needed to be done so that they could be used separately with any "shapes" for each table individually. This makes them different from the "emulated flashers" already defined for ALL tables by DOF Config Tool.  edit: (updated to new variables now being used in DOF Config Tool) They are defined as flasherclo, flashercli, and so on. You can see what the variables section look like here:


[Variables DOF]

t = 60 I48
dt = 60 I48
strblft = White AH30 AL0 AT0 AW9 SHPCircle3
strbrgt = White AH30 AL91 AT0 AW9 SHPCircle3
flshemulo = AH100 AL0 AT0 AW14 SHPCircle3
flshemuli = AH100 AL20 AT0 AW14 SHPCircle3
flshemuc = AH100 AL40 AT0 AW14 SHPCircle3
flshemuri = AH100 AL60 AT0 AW14 SHPCircle3
flshemuro = AH100 AL80 AT0 AW14 SHPCircle3
flasherclo = AH100 AL0 AT0 AW14
flashercli = AH100 AL20 AT0 AW14
flashercc = AH100 AL40 AT0 AW14
flashercri = AH100 AL60 AT0 AW14
flashercro = AH100 AL80 AT0 AW14
LetterA = SHPLetterA
LetterB = SHPLetterB
LetterC = SHPLetterC
LetterD = SHPLetterD
LetterE = SHPLetterE
LetterF = SHPLetterF
LetterG = SHPLetterG
LetterH = SHPLetterH
LetterI = SHPLetterI
LetterJ = SHPLetterJ
LetterK = SHPLetterK
LetterL = SHPLetterL
LetterM = SHPLetterM
LetterN = SHPLetterN
LetterO = SHPLetterO
LetterP = SHPLetterP
LetterQ = SHPLetterQ
LetterR = SHPLetterR
LetterS = SHPLetterS
LetterT = SHPLetterT
LetterU = SHPLetterU
LetterV = SHPLetterV
LetterW = SHPLetterW
LetterX = SHPLetterX
LetterY = SHPLetterY
LetterZ = SHPLetterZ
Number0 = SHPNumber0
Number1 = SHPNumber1
Number2 = SHPNumber2
Number3 = SHPNumber3
Number4 = SHPNumber4
Number5 = SHPNumber5
Number6 = SHPNumber6
Number7 = SHPNumber7
Number8 = SHPNumber8
Number9 = SHPNumber9


So now, if I want to use a letter or number, I can simply refer to it as @LetterA@ or @Number1@ in the table config. I can also use them with @flasherclo@, etc


In a table's "PF Back Flashers MX" in the DOF Config Tool, you just replace the current flasher values with the new Letters or Numbers that you want in your own custom config.


As an example, here is Tales of the Arabian Nights original "PF Back Flashers":

S16 Yellow nobool @flshemulo@ L15/S19 Red nobool @flshemulo@ L16/W43 Purple f200 @flshemulo@ L17/S10 Yellow @flshemuli@ L18/S17 Purple nobool @flshemuli@ L19/S27 Purple nobool @flshemuli@ L20/S28 Blue nobool @flshemuli@ L21/S22 Cyan nobool @flshemuc@ L22/S23 Red nobool @flshemuc@ L23/S11 Yellow @flshemuri@ L24/S20 Red nobool @flshemuri@ L25/S17 Purple nobool @flshemuri@ L26/S16 Yellow nobool @flshemuro@ L27/S24 Lime nobool @flshemuro@ L28/S26 Green nobool @flshemuro@ L29


Now here is the updated version that replaces the 5 flashers with the letters TOTAN:

S16 Yellow @flasherclo@ @LetterT@ L15/S19 Red @flasherclo@ @LetterT@ L16/W43 Purple f200 @flasherclo@ @LetterT@ L17/S10 Yellow @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L18/S17 Purple @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L19/S27 Purple @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L20/S28 Blue @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L21/S22 Cyan @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L22/S23 Red @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L23/S11 Yellow @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L24/S20 Red @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L25/S17 Purple @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L26/S16 Yellow @flashercro@ @LetterN@ L27/S24 Lime @flashercro@ @LetterN@ L28/S26 Green @flashercro@ @LetterN@ L29


Since this is saved with your own custom config in DOF Config Tool, it will be used each time you update your table configs with DOF Config Tool.


edit: Now DOF Config Tool adds in the new variables to your  *30.ini file and also includes the updated DirectOutputShapes.xml


If you want to try this out, make sure you back up your files first as always!!!


How to add letters / numbers to your table's flashers:

- copy over my updated DirectOutputShapes.xml to your DirectOutput folder (only need to do this once. You now get this when you Generate a file in DOF Config Tool).
- update your table's config with the DOF Config Tool in the "PF Back Flashers MX" section for your table. Configure it with the letters you want to use. Then save and generate a new directoutputconfig30.ini file.
- copy over your new directoutputconfig30.ini file to your DirectOutput folder and it should work


Here are the configs I have made for the PF Back Flashers MX sections for a few tables so far...


Tales of the Arabian Nights: Will display “TOTAN”


S16 Yellow @flasherclo@ @LetterT@ L15/S19 Red @flasherclo@ @LetterT@ L16/W43 Purple f200 @flasherclo@ @LetterT@ L17/S10 Yellow @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L18/S17 Purple @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L19/S27 Purple @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L20/S28 Blue @flashercli@ @LetterO@ L21/S22 Cyan @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L22/S23 Red @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L23/S11 Yellow @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L24/S20 Red @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L25/S17 Purple @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L26/S16 Yellow @flashercro@ @LetterN@ L27/S24 Lime @flashercro@ @LetterN@ L28/S26 Green @flashercro@ @LetterN@ L29


ACDC LE: Displays “AC / DC”


S13 Blue @flashercli@ @LetterA@ L5/S17 Yellow nobool @flashercli@ @LetterA@ L6/S21 Yellow nobool @flashercli@ @LetterA@ L7/S20 Red nobool @flashercli@ @LetterC@ L8/S27 Yellow nobool @flashercli@ @LetterC@ L9/S28 Yellow nobool @flashercli@ @LetterC@ L10/W33 Red @flashercli@ @LetterC@ L11/S9 Yellow @flashercc@ SHPForwardSlash L12/S23 Yellow nobool @flashercc@ SHPForwardSlash L13/S26 Blue nobool @flashercc@ SHPForwardSlash L14/W38 White f200 @flashercc@ SHPForwardSlash L15/S11 Yellow @flashercri@ @LetterD@ L16/S29 Yellow nobool @flashercri@ @LetterD@ L17/W39 White f200 @flashercri@ @LetterD@ L18/S10 Yellow @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L19/S14 Blue @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L20/S22 Yellow nobool @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L21/S30 White nobool @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L22/S31 Red nobool @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L23/W40 White f200 @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L24


Theatre of Magic: Displays “MAGIC"


S20 Magenta @flasherclo@ @LetterM@ L1/S25 Magenta @flasherclo@ @LetterM@ L2/W53 Purple f200 @flasherclo@ @LetterM@ L3/W54 Purple f200 @flasherclo@ @LetterM@ L4/S9 Red @flashercli@ @LetterA@ L1/S26 Red @flashercli@ @LetterA@ L2/S27 Yellow @flashercli@ @LetterA@ L3/S25 Blue @flashercli@ @LetterA@ L4/S28 White @flashercc@ @LetterG@ L1/S10 Red @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L1/S24 Magenta @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L2/S27 Yellow @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L3/S28 Blue @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L4/W66 Yellow f200 @flashercri@ @LetterI@ L5/S20 Magenta @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L1/S24 Magenta @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L2/S28 Blue @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L3/W67 Yellow f200 @flashercro@ @LetterC@ L4


Walking Dead LE: Displays “DEAD"


S9 Red @flasherclo@ @LetterD@ L0/S13 Yellow @flasherclo@ @LetterD@ L1/S28 Red nobool @flasherclo@ @LetterD@ L2/S31 White nobool @flasherclo@ @LetterD@ L3/W41 Red f200 @flasherclo@ @LetterD@ L4/S25 Yellow nobool @flashercli@ @LetterE@ L0/S27 Red nobool @flashercli@ @LetterE@ L1/S32 White nobool @flashercli@ @LetterE@ L2/S11 Red @flashercc@ @LetterA@ L0/S19 Red nobool @flashercc@ @LetterA@ L1/S26 Red nobool @flashercc@ @LetterA@ L2/S25 Yellow nobool @flashercri@ @LetterD@ L0/S27 Red nobool @flashercri@ @LetterD@ L1/W12 Yellow f200 @flashercri@ @LetterD@ L2/W36 White f200 @flashercri@ @LetterD@ L3/S10 Red @flashercro@ SHPCircle3 L0/S14 Yellow @flashercro@ SHPCircle3 L1/S20 Blue nobool @flashercro@ SHPCircle3 L2/S29 Red nobool @flashercro@ SHPCircle3 L3/W13 Yellow f200 @flashercro@ SHPCircle6 L4/W37 White f200 @flashercro@ SHPCircle3 L5/W39 Red f200 @flashercro@ SHPCircle3 L6


Metallica Monster: Displays “METAL"


S13 Coral @flasherclo@ @LetterM@ L7/S19 White nobool @flasherclo@ @LetterM@ L8/S26 Orange nobool @flasherclo@ @LetterM@ L9/S23 Red nobool @flashercli@ @LetterE@ L10/S28 White nobool @flashercli@ @LetterE@ L11/S25 Green nobool @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L12/S31 Red nobool @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L13/S32 Blue nobool @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L14/W44 Orange f200 @flashercc@ @LetterT@ L15/S27 White nobool @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L16/S30 Green nobool @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L17/W45 Orange f200 @flashercri@ @LetterA@ L18/S14 Coral @flashercro@ @LetterL@ L19/S29 Coral nobool @flashercro@ @LetterL@ L20/W46 Orange f200 @flashercro@ @LetterL@ L21


edit: Arngrim has now added the new DirectOutputShapes.xml to your download when you update through DOF Config Tool, as well as adding in support for letters, numbers,etc...   What a cool dude!


Another video showing examples of TOTAN, TOM, and TWD LE can be seen here:


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I said it was coming....



Such an amazing table. Gorgeous.

I think it deserves something special....   how about some cool new addressable leds matrix effects, animation, letters and words that appear for almost everything throughout the table events.

I present to you...my 1st ever DOF mod for a VP table. The AC/DC cabinet "FIRE" edition! ;)    I added in all the DOF for addressable leds, as well as a couple of beacon and FIRE button functions! (Arngrim already had the normal DOF stuff done)

Some effects included are:

- animated effects for the electric spinner,

- animated effects for the bell

- letters that light up (with effects) for each target (AC/DC, TNT, ROCK) and the AXE rollovers

- animated effects and the word "FIRE" that show up when the cannon is ready to fire

- side rail effects for each ramp

- bumper and slingshot effects

- side rail effects for drain

- 5 flasher emulation on the side strips, positioned where they are on the playfield


Here is a video demonstration a bunch of gameplay in my cabinet. You've never seen a VP table look quite like this.....



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