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[New B2S Alert] Fireball II (Bally 1981) (coyo5050) (db2s)

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Fireball II (Bally 1981) (coyo5050) (db2s)

Spent way to long on this image and need to just release it. Had to hand draw a lot of stuff to get rid of the imperfections. 


For the life of me I can not figure out what lamps would light up 1,2,3,4 player image. Search through the manual and schematics but could not find it. If anyone knows please let me know what they are if they exist.


As always love to get feedback since it is very motivating! :)


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Vp doesn’t see the player numbers for some reason…I don’t see them running either…why nobody has them working its a rom issue…. B-)

anyways BG looks great nice job man :)

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