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This patch is for V-Pins only. For real pinball machines you need to have the pinballbrowser PBM file from the author to patch it for the serial number of your machine.

You also need a serial connection from the controller to the SAM board. For V3 shields you need a cable from pinheader to SUB-D9 connector. For older shields you need a TTL converter from eBay and connect it to these pins.

B6 - USART1 TX to Max232
B7 - USART1 RX to Max232

Search for DB9 TTL on eBay 

For the macro files please contact the author

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I am having issues with getting my pin2dmd display to run on my Real Star Trek Pro machine. 

Downloaded the factory ST 1.61 Rom

used bsdiff to patch the rom with color file from this thread

I was told that one needed to serialize the rom to the serial of the machine I got the file for my serial number and used the app provided to patch the color rom I made above. 

Installed that rom on my pinball machine via usb

Built a serial cable per instructions to connect to my v3.0 shield.

Installed pin2dmd into my ST Pro & connected. Setup pin2dmd with buttons on back to SAM, Enhanced On and brightness etc

put the pin2dmd.pal onto the SD Card that came from the upload above;

and here is the result.......


Im missing something. Not sure what. Can anyone help here? 

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I did try that. I have checked the cable. cable pin 2 to pin 1 on sash's v3 shield, cable pin 3 to pin 3 and, cable pin 5 to pin 2

I think I even rebooted each time. 

It seems like the palettes are way off. or its in 4 color mode ore something but I dont understand the entire way it work enough to figure it out nor do I know whet the serial cable is actually doing. 

Sash's board had leds that can be mounted for tx and rx, going to install and see what i see. 

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Yes the max232 was mounted. and the caps for it. Just not the LEDs and resistors

Interesting. So here is what I did today. I removed the shield board and installed 2 leds and 2 resistors for the leds on the rs232 line. Reinstalled Shield and stm etc back onto the display.

I then removed my serial cable. and checked continuity and proper pin configuration, everything was OK I made no changes.  I then plugged it back into the CPU board on the Pin and then connected it as it should be with proper orientation. I watched and saw some faint RX led flashes. Lifted up the display board and notice the colors were different. / OK 


It was working! All I did essentially was install the LEDS and resistors. I am stumped now to what the problem was yesterday.....not sure whether the LEDS and resistors have something to do with it?

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