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[New VP10 Alert] Batman (Data East 1991)

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Batman (Data East 1991)

Author: Javier

3D/Art: Dark
Ramps,batmobile,batcave etc

Ben Logan:
Additional sound effects and beta testing.
Graphics clean ups.

PF redraw: Internet (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinballsargentinos)

Resources thanks to: 85vett, Jawdax, cyberprez and flupper1, Daniel Ivan

Special Thanks:
I want to thank Eric (Dark) for the predisposition he has had over these years for me in helping in most of my tables, as I already mentioned somewhere ... he is 50% of my work, Now for good reasons and makes me very happy is going to look VP from a side of the road, so I want to thank you friend for accompanying me in these good years.

I wish you the best of luck in your new projects. 


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There's no sound in this table except for the VPX standard sound. How do I turn on the sound effects or increase volume? I alredy got into the system menu with "7" but couldn't change anything. The "1" key as "enter" did not work to expand the adjustments.

Thanks for your help!

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no encuentra la rom btmn_106.

a pesar de que puse todo tipo de versioones de la rom no pasa nada

a que se debe este error.

podrian ayudarme por favor.


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This table does not have any volume adjustments available through the service menu.

This table used analog controls that were located in the cabinet of the machine for volume adjustment.

You can get to 3 volume settings, by clicking on the dmd with mouse and hitting the Tilde key. (The key to left of 1 key.) `

This will bring up a menu right over the dmd which you can navigate with your arrow keys.


Press left or right arrow to adjust volume.

Press down arrow to go to next setting.

There are 3 volume settings altogether.

When you are done adjusting, simply click the Tilde Key.

If this doesn't help you, try checking into PinVol program that allows you to set volume on all tables.


Hope this helps you.

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