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directb2s not launching

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I cannot get direct b2s to launch. I have tried the following solutions and nothing worked:


1. I installed everything required and ensured I complied with the readme file

2. I changed the directb2s file to match the table if necessary

3.  I have changed the script to read  fro vponmame controller to "b2s.server".

4. I also tried the following solution:


"if B2SOn then
Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")
Controller.B2SName = B2STableName
If Err Then MsgBox "Can't Load B2S.Server."
end if
on the table. However, when I loaded in to view a reply i stumbled on this http://www.vpforums....showtopic=32417 <<< Don't know what I clicked...
I then found this little bit of text 


For this table, I am using my new method for enabling/disabling the dB2S backglass. By default the backglass is disabled. The easy way to enable it is this method:
1.Launch table and then exit. It will auto-create a file in the USER folder of VPinball named "LMEMTables.txt"
2.Open this file in notepad and change the "0" to a "1" and save.
3.Next time you launch, the backglass will launch.
Or for the die hards out there, create a text file in the USER folder named LMEMTables.txt and put a "1" (no quotes) on the first line and save it."

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One table or all tables ? If only one - is the Sheriff table ?

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Simply look inside your "User" folder that is inside your Visual pinball folder.(Wherever you installed VP) and you should see a file named "LMEMTables.txt".

If you don't see a txt file named LMEMTables in User folder, simply right click on empty space in User folder, and click new text file. This will create a new text file and it will wait to be named.

Name it LMEMTables.

Now open this txt file by simply double clicking it.

Now type the number 1 on first line of txt file. (It may have 0 here if file was already created, delete 0 and change to 1.)

Now close txt file and save changes.

Your backglass should now work for you Sir.

Hope this helps you.


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