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Strike Master Shuffle Alley (Williams) (1991) (Rascal And Wildman) (1.1) (Fs) (Db2S) (Pin2K)

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File Name: Strike Master Shuffle Alley (Williams) (1991) (Rascal and Wildman) (1.1) (FS) (DB2S) (pin2k)
File Submitter: Rascal
File Submitted: 21 Feb 2013
File Category: Bowlers & Shuffle Alley
Permission to Mod: Yes
ROM Name: strik_l4
VP Version: v9.14

This is a recreation of a 1991 Williams Strike Master Shuffle Alley Bowler for a pin2k style cab.

Coin for credit ("5" on a keyboard).
Start button to start and enter players up to six ("1" on a keyboard).
Select button to select the game ("A" on a keyboard).
Flippers to move the puck right and left (Left and Right Shift on a keyboard).
Hold launch button until desired power and angle, then release to throw (Enter on a keyboard).

Click here to download this file

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Old topic, but how do you enter your initials for high score (if it is possible)?


It's extremely cool playing these bowlers on a pin2k cabinet. The orientation of alley, pins, and backglass is very close to the real game. For DMD VPM tables, I always have the DMD located on the 3rd screen. That doesn't work here because the pins display over my usual DMD location. Rather than setting up an alternate screenres.txt, I went directly into the registry to edit the size and position of the DMD to fit the space in the B2S backglass, the 2nd screen.


For me:



dmd_height - 140

dmd_pos_x - 2600

dmd_pos_y - 625

dmd_width - 560

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should be the "1" key and "A" key

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On 6/1/2014 at 6:01 AM, Wildman said:

should be the "1" key and "A" key

Anyway to change the input to the magnasaves?  I have been working on the script trying to find out what needs to be changed, but have to crack the case lol 

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