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The Simpsons pinball party

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I´m proud to present The Simpsons Pinball Party PIN2DMD colorization project which I started 2 months ago for my own pinball machine.
I never did anything like this before and I had to learn a lot how to get it done in the quality i wanted to have. One of the biggest
parts was to make all the recordings, using the pin2dmd tool, containing all the scenes of a gameplay. After all the time I have spent on this, I must admit that I would rather have paid somebody else 15-20$ to get a ready to use colorization, instead of doing it by myself. 
That is why I ask you to support my job and if you want to have a copy of my work please make a donation by using this link


I will send you 2 files you simply need to copy on the SD card and put it into your pin2dmd. I will also send you updates automatically 
if available. Out of respect for my work and as a motivation for future projects, I kindly ask you not to forward these files to other users. 
Please also report me if you get my work offered from other sources. Thank you !!

PIN2DMD firmware version 2.38 or later and Display ROM v5.0 in english is recommended, since all my work is based on this version
If you find any uncolorized scenes, or bugs, let me know, how you got it, or send me recordings / videos.


We have conversation about vpin users and it's will be available for free in future. But right now i provide only files which will be works on both machines, real pinball and virtual pinballs. Version for vpins only, will works only on vpins.

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Eh.. selling copyrighted materials. Not sure about that. I can certainly appreciate all your work to put this together, but I think this might be the wrong place to ask for money. All of the digital content around this community is provided for free by folks like you that spend a lot of time and effort to put it together.

I do think you did a great job based on the video! Best of luck.


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This looks really amazing, great work! I don't own a TSPP but if I did a $15-$20 fee for it would be a no brainer as the machine runs $5K+ Canadian... but on a my Virtual Pinball that is a more challenging price point I look forward to seeing it on my Virtual Pin one day if it does become free.

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We already discussed this and that is why there will be a free VPIN version. I just wait for Steve to add the export format to the editor and then I will add and test it with my dmddevice.dll. After sucessfull testing freezy can modify his dll and all will be happy. 

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5 hours ago, Jodannar said:

A detailed tutorial of colourisation would really help more people start doing this. The few that exist at the moment don't go into the process enough.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I just updated the documentation on http://pin2dmd.com/editor/

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Downloaded the file. Now at start the game crashes for me. I use a LCD Monitor for Pin2dmd. All files are up to date.

Dmd device is DMD Ext 1.5.2

Vpinmame Sam Build rev_4277 Sam Build Beta

Every other Table works absolutely fine.

Is it possible that this pallete is only usable with a real pin2dmd?

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