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BAM BAckbox problem

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I'm trying to stretch the backglass for those tables with DMDs such that the grill disappears.  what I am trying to do is:

1) for non dmd backglasses - use the stretch backglass BAM presets (as the default cfg) so that the backglass fills up the screen - I have this working

2) for dmd backglasses - use individual table configs and stretch the grills off screen such that no grill is showing - I can get this to work on a dmd table


My problem is that when I do 2) suddenly all tables are now using table.cfg as the default setting an dnot the stretch backglass preset (i.e. non dmd backglasses are now not stretched at all) and when I set them back to 1) then everything reverts back to the stretch global preset and not the table.cfg I just made for a specific DMD table


basically I want to get rid of the grill for al dmd tables altogether but leave all other tables using the stretch backglass global config in BAM..

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