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PinMAME SAMbuild 2.8b02

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Has anyone had any trouble since the update to VP10.2 and VPinMame 2.8 / SAMBuild 2.8b02 now I have tables both Stern and non-Stern that the plunger will not work on my cabinet. Now when I had VP10.0 & VP9.xx and VPinMame 2.5 -2.7 / SAMBuild 2.5 -2.7 all 88 tables worked. Any thoughts as I have done two full wipes and re-install of both Windows 7 Pro and VP10.2 installer than SAMBuild on top of that. Currently I have about 12 tables that the plunger no longer works, just to name a some Judge Dredd  VPX, Fathom VPX, 24 VPX, Thanks for any suggestions and before anyone ask I have also spent the past 5 days reading and digging though almost every forum I can think of. My thoughts is that it is some kind of controller.vbs error or problem. 

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Need more details.   Plunger has nothing to do with VPM.    .

When you say the plunger doesn't work what do you mean exactly?   Is the ball in the shooter lane but you can't launch it? 

Do you have a mechanical plunger?   If so what type?   If NOT you may have a game controller plugged in that VP thinks is a plunger.  

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