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B2S Server - new feature - aspect ratio

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I already had that version of Pinball X installed, and it didn't fix that problem for me.


Sadly now, I have a new problem. After having everything working great last night....today all of a sudden I can't get any feedback or lighting in VP!

Pinball X Led-wiz and addressable leds work fine.....Future Pinball and DOFLinx work fine.... but not VP.


It's almost like DOF is not picking up on the B2sServer.  (or the other way around)  I've re-registered the DLL, copied back the original B2s version I used (for a long time) before, shutdown, etc.... but nothing. If I check the B2S server settings on the backglass, the plug-ins button is ghosted out, and its not seeing the DOF plug-in.

If I use the DOFTester, everything activates fine on a table.


How can I check to see if my system thinks there is more than one B2sServer install?

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Just now, umpa said:

Run as admin on the .exe?

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Yup...triple checked all exe files (all run as admin) and DLL files and made sure they were all unblocked.   Nothing changed from last night to today is the weird part...I'm wondering if something got corrupted somehow.,

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Hi Westworld,

A user on Facebook (I don't know his user ID here) posted an issue with this change.    When your B2S aspect ratio feature adjusts the backglass image position, it is also mis-aligning the DMD image meant for a third screen.    See the attached screenshots.     He is able to work around the problem by making a per-backglass screenres.txt file with the DMD position values counter-adjusted to compensate, but the aspect ratio settings ought to not affect the DMD window position. 

This has all reminded me that we need to get this change merged into the official source.   I will do that once we get this small issue fixed.   Thanks! 




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was not so difficult, at least I hope, not so easy to test with a notebook and only one screen. An updated build is enclosed. Could you ask the user to test this version? If it works, I'll upload the source. Only modification is to store the original offset and reuse it later (when it calculates the DMD form position).



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I would like to start by saying thank you for working on b2s server and allowing us to finally get aspect ratios on our backglasses :)

finally no more squished backglasses..

i am having a issue which i think is caused by the build.

it appears to be random, but stops when i disable the b2s server.

does anyone have any ideas.

any help would be much appreciated



I bit the bullet and reinstalled vpx and ran setup again, and have had no issues since.

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Next time, please somebody shoot me a PM if something needs to make it into an official release.. There is simply too much going on, even when using notifications, that i miss this kind of stuff nowadays..

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Hi guys is this still a feature with the current b2s program? Tried it on a few tables tonight and it had no effect.

I am setting up a 2-screen machine and for the DMD tables I want to use the no-grill b2s's and place the DMD below it.

So I edited my default screenres.txt so that my backglass and dmd would both fit on the 2nd screen, worked really great.

Then I tried to used this new feature to create a .res file that will display my EM backglasses in full regular resolution. 1280x1024.

I tried it with a few tables and it I could not get it to fill the whole screen. It was always resized like I set it in the default.

Any ideas? Thanks

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