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[Request for help] Turn a table concept into a working VP table

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Hi all,

Just registered.

I'm working on a small promotional project, and part of that project involves creating a flat pinball table image (not a working game, just a representation of it). 

What I would like to do is create a simple working VP game using the same imagery. It doesn't have to be fully gamified (scoring, multiball, etc not needed), just 'work' as a pinball table for demo purposes, with plunger, bumper flippers etc matching (more or less) the image design. 

Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who could take on this project for me? 

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You dont think you can do this? Install VPX with the allinone installer and click new - you get a working table just like that. Now import your images and drag things around as needed. Dont delete stuff (that may cause issues) just move them off screen/table.

No coding should be needed. 

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OMG crap I was sure I paid you, we sent a bunch of DMs over and back and you did a great job. 

Ill check my DMs for your paypal address and ship the money tonight. 

We never used it externally but used it internally as a teaser. I'll share more info later. 

If you haven't DMd paypal address or if it has changed, let me know. 

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