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Files on real pinball

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I see you can select the default palette in pin2dmd.exe, but there's only options for VGA and basic colors, not for smartdmd (as opposite to pinball browser).

What am I supposed to use ? Does this setting only matter when there's no palette.pal ?

Also, I cannot get pin2dmd menu to show. Is this function working on real pinballs ?

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To show the menu on the display you have to temporarily remove the data cable coming from your pinball to your pin2dmd.

Advanced coloring (smartdmd/pinball browser, pin2dmd Editor) is not editable or covered by pin2dmd.exe


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On ‎11‎/‎9‎/‎2016 at 0:59 AM, lucky1 said:

Did you run the macro ? Takes a couple of minutes to apply. Make sure you have set In-Frame as smartdmd mode

Is there a version of the metallica rom patch that doesn't require the serial connection to the machine? Back almost a year ago it seems like lucky was saying to set the smartDMD mode to in-frame which is contrary to serial connection. I currently don't have the serial connection in my metallica pinball with pin2dmd and I cant get the pallets to load correctly without serial connection. I would like to temporarily try the older files if they worked without serial connection. Thank you for any help.



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