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DOF issue #1: PWM-output on 2nd LEDWiz not working correctly

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Hello everyone :)

First of all, thanks in advance to everyone helping me with this! I've been building a Pinball Cabinet for the past few months and I am getting close to "finishing" it. If you want to check it out, use this link. My Pinball Cabinet (updates to come when everything is working)

I am currently experiencing two issues with the Direct Output Framework. One shall be addressed here, the other one in this post: DOF issue #2: No flasher-feedback with otherwise working PinballX plugin  I've been trying to solve these issues myself for the past few days/weeks, but failed, since I am not very experienced with DOF yet. I do not know whether these two issues are related.




DOF issue #1: PWM-output on 2nd LEDWiz not working correctly

- All RGB toys connected to a 2nd LEDWiz do not output in the full color spectrum. Only 7 colors are possible (red, lime/green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, white). It seems that the LEDs three channels are either «ON» or «OFF» and that the PWM/intensity settings are not handled properly by my current DOF setup.

- DOF toys affected on the 2nd LEDWiz: RGB flippers (ports 5,6,7), RGB magnasave left (ports 10,11,12), RGB magnasave right (ports, 13,14,15), RGB undercab complex (ports 25,26,27). Those are all RGB toys connected to the 2nd LEDWiz.

- When triggered by other software tools (LEDWiz software by GGG, LEDBlinky) all of the above outputs/ports behave normally. When adjusting intensities with those tools, single output colors are dimmable. And using multiple outputs/ports with different intensities results in a wider color spectrum. This is why I believe that my issue is related to my DOF setup or DOF itself and not to my LEDWiz controllers or related hardware (Zebsboards).

- RGB toys connected to the 1st LEDWiz are not affected by this issue and light in full color spectrum. Those toys are: 5 flasher outside left throughout 5 flasher outside right. Ports used: 1-15.

- When adjusting the «Custom Brigthness» setting in the DOF Config Tool in the Ports assignment tab, the brightness of all my RGB toys adjust properly, but still only with 7 colors for those on the 2nd LEDWiz.




Further information on this issue and my current DOF setup.

- I use this DOF R3 Beta version: DOF R3 Beta Build 5812.27024. As far as I remember, I already had this issue when using DOF R2.

- I use this B2S Server version: B2S Server.

- I use a two identical GlobalConfig files (globalconfig_B2SServer.xml and globalconfig_PinballX.xml) and the ini-Files created by the DOF Config Tool (directoutputconfig.ini and directoutputconfig2.ini), but no Cabinet.xml or dedicated table config files.

- For now I only use 2 LEDWiz, which are listed in the «My Account» tab of the DOF Config Tool. A Teensy is supposed to be added soon.




Help required

As stated above, I am not very familiar with DOF yet and don't see a way to solve this issue myself. That's why I need your help and would greatly appreciate it. I feel that this issue, and the other one mentioned above, are limiting my experience while playing my Pinball Cabinet.

So, what can I do to help you guys to help me solve these issues? What additional information, logs, xml-Files, ini-Files, screenshots, videos etc. do you need? Or do you maybe already have a solution or know someone who had the same or similar issues?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks again in advance!




Best regards from Switzerland



1st Edit: I just figured out that when I use DirectOutputConfigTester.exe at least the under cab complex RGB toy changes its color (within the full spectrum) when enabling / pulsing different table effects.


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i can relate to your problem

i got 1 ledwiz (working fine with all Features connected to it an 1 Pincontrol1 ass second Ledwiz

i can relate to your Color Problem and i got a Shaker on port one an the intesity Settings doensn't work

(when i use a Software to test the Pincontrol1 everything on every port is ok

i can test the Shaker with 15% intensity and it works

but in DOF on the tables it's always on 100%

i looked at the DOF Log file an i got error Messages ONLY when the Shaker is in my config.. when i leave it out of config no errors




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