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Code change to enable SAM LE driver board support

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On 17.1.2017 at 9:14 PM, sliderpoint said:

This is the link.  It has been updated somewhat to try to accommodate modulated flashers.  

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84075840/metallica-LE - mwr.vpx

Get it while you can, this was just put here for testing the new VPM features (which are now working) and will be removed soon.  It is not for sharing as I don't have OK' from Fren to put out mods of his table.


Oh no, I missed it too - can anyone help me out?

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Hi @DJRobX

I'm running a pincab with the latest softwares (VPX 10.4, Sam 3.0, DOF R3, etc.) with lots of toys including a teensy clone controlled led matrix (8x72).

I was playing the awesome TT/ninuzzu Monster Bash table recently and had a solenoid over firing every time the mummy's coffin was open.

This problem was also described lately here

So I've tried to update my directoutput.dll with yours (the one in dof120616), and the solenoid now stays calm just as your fix was intended. 

But then my led matrix doesn't work anymore. At least two of my French fellows have the same issue (discussed here). We're using a Wemos D1 pro as a teensy clone and everything works the same. Apparently a different/older version of the DOF source code was used/modified to make our matrix work.

So do you think it'd be possible to have your source code of the directoutput, so that we could include/compile our modified code? Or if you prefer we can send you our modified code so you can try to include it on yours?

yeah I know it's a long shot ;-) and I'm not the one who wrote the code so I might sound like a complete noob but hey, if you can help on this that would be awesome, thanks in advance :-)


edit: your last code (github) was used, the modifications were added and now everything works fine. Thanks. 

Edited by manples

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Sorry I didn't see this post.   The mod that fixes this is super super simple.   It's like 5 lines of code.     You can find it on my github here:


We badly need an official maintainer of DOF since Swisslizard seems to be gone.   I see you found it, good.... LOL


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