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Ghostbusters Resource

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This is meant as a reference guide for someone, it has video of where what is on the table. Pictures of plastics where i could take them with my phone, and models from as many angles as possible, there is a playfield but it is not a stripped down version

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Would be awesome @alistaircg, but I think the lack of good pics and other resources is not why a table recreation is not talked about,

it is that the system its been running - the SPIKE system (Stern-Pinball-Integrated-Kinetic-Engine) has not been emulated yet (if ever)


Game of Thrones



Legends of Wrestlemania



Is all SPIKE tables and can not be emulated, but only in FP style, where you sample down the animations/sounds - job of a lifetime.


But hey! Let's hope the SPIKE system gets emulated.

I still keeps my fingers crossed for it  :P 

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We should just hire some programmers in another country to emulate SPIKE and also fix piname.

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