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Dof Cabinet Feedback For Flipper Solenoids & Rgb Lighting Now Available For Pinball Fx2, Tpa, Zaccaria, Etc..

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Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade now have DOF feedback for flipper solenoids (NOT slingshots or bumpers!), RGB lighting and more thanks to a new program called DOFFX2 made by DDH69!


It basically maps keyboard keys to trigger Led-Wiz or sainsmart outputs! It also has some other cool features like RGB lighting control, flipper solenoid timers, and more.




Here are videos that demo both Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade on my cabinet running with DOFFX2 (1.3 beta).


I have the program set to be always on and active the whole time, and you can see it doesn't interfere with Pinball X running the DOF plug-in.


I have the flipper buttons triggering my solenoids.


I have the center RGB led strip "flasher" set to random flipper triggered RGB lighting.


I have the flippers set to turn on a left flasher as green, and a right flasher as blue.


I have the beacon, blower fan, and strobes set to go off during certain moments.... including an appearance from Scotty of Star trek!  ;)


...and other things too.


It's a simple demo of the kind of thing that can be done so far...



Here's a video demo of Pinball FX2:





Here's a video demo of The Pinball Arcade:




No more octo coupler circuits needed! This can be used for MAME, PC Games, etc...



Here's a link to the program's thread:



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Today there are already memory mapping files for Pinball FX2 control other toys such as bumpers and shaker motor, would it be possible to create the same memory mapping system for TPA tables?

Because the effects I'm having with Pinball FX2 using the mapped memory files is fantastic!

I think it would be the same with TPA.

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It would be possible....but ALOT of work for someone to do. DDH69 did all the mapping for FX2, and that was from someone who is a programmer and knows what he is doing.  Seeing that TPA changes so much, it would be very hard to do and keep up to date.

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