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Hi all,


So - Whilst this sub-forum is primarilly about the Pin2DMD devices, I have one of the new DMD ST32's from PinballSp in Spain. Whilst this sounds like it's off topic, it still uses Lucky1's firmware, and still uses Steve's Pin2dmd editor, so no changes for those of you that are familiar with it :)


Why Safecracker? Well it's something that colordmd arent going to touch with their range of LCD's since these are physically too big to fit. There is no spare room around the DMD above standard size, so until they come up with their rumored LED boards, and then code the thing, this IS the only solution :)


Ok - so trying to get my head around this keyframe and pallette malarky (has anyone got a link to a decent youtube video that explains these and how they interact with pinball editor?? Steve's make sense to a point, however only seem to scratch the surface). I can grab the images using pinmame and the special file, so figured i would start with the standard attraction screens, and progress from there.


The first question i have is - How do people cope with scrolling screens? SC scrolls a lot from right to left ( <-), and really i would like to have different pallets for different screens. Not sure on recommended techniques for when the screens scroll, and also capture of these from the Raw files.


Any advice???




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