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Tamfest 2016

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Todd AKA Tamoore had his annual pinball party this weekend and it kicked ass...Red Rocket Arcade AKA  Tamfest...

was a great turn out and all the BadBoys of BBBchat scraped and scrounge up $$ to make the party from all over

the USA , Canada and Wales England..    It was a great time had by all !!   


                                 We all like to thank the host for a kickass party and hospitality...THANKS TODD :D






                       WE KICKED ITS ASS













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A huge thank you, Todd and Candy Moore, for letting a bunch of bums from all over the country and world hangout at your awesome place for a few days. It was definitely a epic event this year for sure. We enjoyed live music (2 talented bands), tribute to Prince outdoor video concert that scared the bears out of the woods and sent the neighbors packing, food, food, and more food (ribs, a whole huge pig, and breakfast). Then an open bar and what felt like an endless basement and garage of PINBALL and ARCADE machines in the Red Rocket arcade! An event that can only be called a WOODSTOCK for geeky pinball hippies like us. I know I'm leaving out something, but it must be that I am still drunk from all that BEER!!!


This is the WOODSTOCK for geeky pinball hippies for sure!


Here is a link to my videos and images.



Represented at this party was:


Tamoore (Todd) - Michigan

Rawd (Rod) - Alberta, Canada

Elton (Elton) - Wales, UK

Rascal (Al) - Indiana

Wildman (Ken) - Massachusetts

Smakx (Todd) - Iowa

DeeGor (Jack)- Idaho

NoCarrier (Brian) - Michigan

Skinny (Randal) - Oregon

Osprey101 (Shane) - Oregon

KEG (Kurt) - Pennsylvania

Itchigo (Tim) - Illinios

Spektre (Fred) - Ohio

sgerber (STEVE!!!!) - Ohio




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I was wondering what that stuff was on my paint....


Group pic: (from left) Rascal, Steve, Wildman, Rawd, Deegor, No Carrier, Elton, Osprey, Tamoore, Skinny, Itchigo. Probably the only time ever we'll all be in one place at the same time.


a HUGE thanks to Tamoore for being a gracious host, and having the most kickass party in the history of partying!!





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I'm quite honored that you all did what it took to make it to my place for this get together.   Some people spent a lot of money to make the trip, and a lot of people pitched in to help others make the journey, and I feel pretty special that you picked my place to gather.    It was hot, sweaty, sandy, the weather was questionable... but you still made the pilgrimage. 


This party has outgrown my ability to host it the way I have been - but I'm sure I'll do it again (in a much smaller way) in the future.    Looking forward to see whoever can make it when that happens.



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We had fourteen internet peeps make it to TAMFEST this year!!! That was amazing for sure. Our gang did band together to make it for sure. This years group picture is Our Gang! Enjoy!


Also it appears that three of the fourteen internet buddies were not present for the group picture. So I chopped them in and tried to make it look as natural as possible. My first attempt failed, but I think I got it on the second attempt. You be the judge.




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