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Dmdst32 By Pinballsp, Controller Board And Full Assembled Dmd Compatible Pin2Dmd

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My new  DMDMK66 192 x 64, SEGA compatible,  is close to be ready, doing last tests to solve minor issues. I have already send PCB to manufacturer, ALL in one big board, professional look, like my DMDMK66 128x32 and DMDST32.

Product is Plug and play, do not need external AC power supply, connect to 12v DC, so it's very compact and light weight. Store config palette and brightness level in SD card, also I may custom product with your logo or splash screen (company or private).

First firmware release will support single color palette (4 colors) and Random Autopalette, this new option allow config 4 paletttes and activate option will do that firmware change color palette automatically each 20-30 seconds. Also Im preparing a software to colorize frame by frame for advanced color, this Editor also will work with all my DMDMK66, 128 x 32 and 128 x 16.

Most likely my 192x64 DMDMK66 display will be on sale in a couple of weeks. The final price will be 355 Euros + shipping costs. Optional extras, pre-configured micro SD card +9 Euros, Amber filter +19 Euros.

I remember that this DMD do not need pay extra key licenses (so save money) and do not need wait for any activation, connect and work inmediately.

This DMDMK66 192 x 64, is FULL 100% developed by me, HARDWARE and FIRMWARE, so any question, problem or suggestion to improve product, may contact directly with me, Im the DEVELOPPER, not a distributor. As soon as  product is available, delivery time 2-4 days after receive payment.

For questions or orders may contact with me by email to pinballsp@gmail.com, Whatsapp +34 693 344 445, Skype pinballsp or by the private messenger of Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Pinballsp .


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